Wilkesboro United Methodist Church
Monday, November 18, 2019
Sharing, Comforting, Embracing


Sunday Worship Schedule
9:00am  Contemporary Worship - In this service the music is led by the Praise Team using contemporary songs that are coordinated with the Scripture in order to prepare hearts for the uplifting Biblical message delivered by our pastor.
10:00am  Sunday School - Adults,youth and children are guided through Bible based learning in a friendly, spiritual atmosphere.
10:00am  Fifth Sunday -  Instead of Sunday School, folks from both worship services will gather together in the Fellowship Hall for Sunday Brunch and fellowship with one another.  

11:00am  Traditional Worship - This service features inspirational hymns and choral music coupled with the traditions and ceremony which compliments the Scripture and the uplifting Biblical message delivered by our pastor.
November 17, 2019 ~ Giving 'Til It Feels Good 
November 10, 2019 ~ Make a Life  
                                                  Blood Drive
                                                               Food Drive 
 Wilkesboro United Methodist Church 
309 West Main Street - PO Box 197 
Wilkesboro, North Carolina 28697, United States

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, Comforting the troubled, and Embracing God’s love.