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Wednesday, March 03, 2021
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Letter from Our Pastor

Letter from Our Pastor 03/01/21

Grace and Peace to you, brothers and sisters:

We begin a new week by looking forward to God's blessings and love encountered in new and refreshing ways. I hope as your week unfolds, you experience God's presence and love in your daily encounters with the ordinary.

Yesterday, we celebrated the second Sunday of Lent with a continuation of our worship series: Rend Your Hearts: Claiming the Promise as we explored Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16 and learned what it means to walk blameless before the Lord. The written sermon is attached or you can watch a video of the service on FaceBook or our YouTube channel.

Our Spiritual Practices challenge for the second week of Lent is Lectio Divina (Divine Reading) and it is a practice of reflective scripture reading that allows space for us to immerse ourselves in the story and to hear what God has to say to us from these ancient words. You can search for “Lent Spiritual Practice Week 2: Lectio Divina” on YouTube which explains the practice or you can follow this simple guide: Choose a scripture passage, set aside time to relax with the word and follow these steps:

  1. Read: Read the passage aloud slowly. Put yourself in the story and imagine how you experience it.
  2. Reflect: Read the passage aloud a second time. This time, pay attention to what words or phrases pull at you. Ask God to show you more of what you need to know.
  3. Respond: Read the passage aloud again and this time talk to God about what your reflections revealed. You might want to journal your response. You can also rewrite the scripture as a prayer.
  4. Rest: Read the passage a fourth time and then take about ten minutes to sit still with it. Be still and quiet and listen for God to speak. If your mind wanders, pull it back to the scripture and hold there and see what God has to say.

On Wednesday, you are invited to join me on Zoom at 6:30 - and we will walk through the practice together and share how this practice draws us closer to God. Please contact the church office to obtain the online meeting link or phone number to participate.

You can also watch the latest batch of Love Notes on YouTube—”UMW Virtual Love Tree - February 28, 2021”. If you missed the other weeks you can check them out here:  Week 1 “UMW Love Tree for the week of Feb. 14” and  Week 2 “Virtual Love Tree for the week of Feb 21, 2021”.

Don't forget that I provide a daily devotion video each day of the week and we are in the process of reading through the Gospel of John as our devotion. You can see those each day by checking out our YouTube channel. If you don't want to follow the devotions on video you can still follow along in the Gospel reading, by following this week’s schedule:

· Monday: John 11:45-57

· Tuesday: John 12:1-11

· Wednesday: John 12:12-19

· Thursday: John 12:20-26

· Friday: John 12:27-36

 We have so many ways to connect to God this week, I hope you will enjoy as many ways as you can to spend time in God's presence. Of course, I also ask that you hold one another in prayer as well. This week we pray especially for: church family couple (husband is hospitalized for treatment and a heart procedure, wife is driving back and forth to be with him); another church family couple (both are awaiting test results and follow-ups this week); church member (sick and recovering at home from a stomach obstruction); church member’s mother (continuing to recover from health issues).

May God's peace be a comforting presence to you this week,

Pastor Karen


v Easter Sunday is April 6, 2021.  If you would like to place an order please click here.

v Please be aware The Upper Room Daily Devotionals for March/April, are available now in the church office on the information table in the Education building, or upon request a devotional will be mailed to you.










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