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Friday, December 04, 2020
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Letter from Our Pastor

Letter from Our Pastor 11/30/20

Hi church family,

Yesterday we celebrated the First Sunday of Advent with the first in a series of sermons entitled: For Those Who Wait.  Our text was Isaiah 64:1-9 and we looked at what it means to wait in hope for Christ's return. You can check out the video of the service on Facebook or  YouTube.  Attached is an outline of the service you can use for at home worship.  

Each Sunday of Advent we light a candle symbolizing our wait for Christ: hope, peace, joy, and love. If you want to participate from home, you can create your own advent wreath or simply find 5 candles and arrange them in a circle with the 5th candle (The Christ candle) in the center to be lit on Christmas Eve.  For an idea of creating your own wreath—>https://ministryspark.com/10-simple-advent-wreath-ideas.

Advent Readings: Beginning today, I will be posting a short video to YouTube and Facebook with an Advent scripture reading and a prayer. If you cannot access those videos but would like to participate, here are the readings for this week:  

Monday           John 1.1-5    

Tuesday          Jeremiah 33:14-16

Wednesday     Luke 1:5-10

Thursday         Luke 1:11-17

Friday              Luke 1:18-25

Saturday         Luke 1:26-38

Cathy Freeman Love Offering: Please remember we are honoring Cathy's 35 years of service and her retirement by collecting a love offering for her. You can send your gifts to the church or drop them by the office. Be sure to note "love offering" in the memo line.

Wednesday Night at 6:30 you are invited to an Advent Fellowship Zoom with Pastor Karen. Grab a cup of coffee and a snack/dessert/dinner and let's gather with one another virtually to chat, catch up, and share news. Please contact the church office to obtain the direct meeting link or the specific phone number to participate.

As always, hold one another in prayer and loving-kindness as we enter this holiday season which, for many, will be marked with anxiety, loneliness, and struggle. It has been a rough year but God is with us and hope is our faithful companion. Let us pray for 2021 to be a season of hope realized. 

Pastor Karen

Please be reminded of the UMW Meeting

Tuesday, December 1 @ 6:30pm

—To participate via Zoom, please contact the church office.

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