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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Praise the Lord!

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:8-9  
  • So nice to see all of you Sunday at church!  Karen announced I [Caroline] will be moving closer to [family].  I have attended Wilkesboro UMC 26 years and you have become my friends and extended family.  Please know how much I appreciate your friendship.  Adam will remain here at his group home.  His address is [contact the church office].  His birthday is July 11.  You may remember he loves getting cards - especially if they have a one dollar bill in them!  He will be attending church as much as possible. My address...[contact the church office].  Give me a call [contact the church office], take a one hour drive and I will treat you to lunch!  I would love seeing you!
  • To Hand In Hand Ministry:  I wish you could have seen the buzz about the goodies and cookies today!  It was a pick me up that was much needed on this rainy day the day prior to spring break!  The cookies were delicious and the talk of the school!  I can't express the gratitude we ALL have for you and your amazing group!  It always seems like perfect timing, God's timing, when the treats arrive.  It has been the perfect thing to push teachers and staff to our next mile marker during this crazy year.  We are prayerful for normalcy next year and to see all your smiling faces back on campus.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our teacher hearts! ~ Instructional Specialist, MFES
  • To Hand In Hand Ministry: OMG!  THESE cookies are INCREDIBLE!!!! WOW!  You guys gave us HUGE portions, even better!  I know the staff will love picking out their cookies.....I snagged my favorite, Oatmeal Raisin!  THANK YOU! Everyone will love the bunny ears and tail decorations, too- how sweet!!! Thank you for the Easter goody baskets for the classrooms as well.  AGAIN, we so appreciate your team of Hand in Hand friends!  There are no words adequate enough to express our gratitude for the constant support to our school and to our teachers- THANK YOU! ~ Love you all!! Happy Easter! Principal, MFES
  • To Hand In Hand Ministry:  Just wanted to thank you and all of the Hand in Hand ministry team for the DELICIOUS Easter cookies. Wow!  They were wonderful and wrapped so adorably.  May God bless each of you for all of the time and effort you put forth in preparing such a thoughtful treat.  Your care and support have been a true blessing in the midst of such a challenging school year. ~With love, Reading Tutor, MFES
  • I want to thank everyone who has been so kind to me since my surgery. The gifts of prayers, food, calls, cards, and emails were most welcome & appreciated. I love being part of this wonderful church family. Thank you all! 
  • Thank you for your generous donations to the United Methodist Women and the Home Missions Committee during the month of February. Your gift provides an opportunity to help those in need again this year. Even with our inability to meet in person, we can still make a difference in the lives of church members and community people in need. We hope you enjoyed our virtual Love Tree [2/14, 2/21, 2/28] this year. Thank you Pastor Karen and Jan Taylor for making it possible! One half of the donations will be given to h.o.p.e. Ministries to help those in the community with crisis needs. The other half will be utilized to help church members with medical or other crisis needs. Thank you for being a part of this ministry!
  • Thank you for your [monetary] donation... We are so thankful for your support. ~ Blessings, Catherine H. Barber Memorial Shelter
  • Thank you for your generous gift to Wilkes Ministry of h.o.p.e.  There is no way to fully express our gratitude to you.  Your financial support helps us to continue to meet the needs of others while sharing Christ’s love.  We appreciate you!  ~ In His Service, Wilkes Ministry of h.o.p.e.
  • Love + Prayers, Husband & Wife
  • Blessings to all @ WUMC!
  • I want to thank everyone for the prayers, cards, emails, visits and love shown to me during my health issues this year [2020].  You are a blessing to me. I miss seeing everyone And being in church.  I will appreciate your continued prayers. 
  • Thank you all for continuing to drop off uncrushed empty aluminum cans at the church for my son to crush when at Wilkes ADAP! 
  • Many thank you’s to Husband & Wife church family for the delicious Thanksgiving meal. We appreciate them so much for their generosity and their caring. We enjoyed their gift to us!
  • Dear friends, Thank you so much for your love and support for these 35 years.  Thank you so much for all the letters, cards, and phone calls when I was sick. You are a blessing to me. I will continue to be in the church and support all its causes. I love you all. ~ Cathy Freeman [retired Music Ministry Accompanist]
  • May the beautiful music celebrating the birth of Jesus remain in your heart through the coming year. I have really enjoyed the sermons and hearing Jimmy sing [online worship services].
  • Merry Christmas everyone! Peace to you. Stay safe.
  • Thank all of you who filled my Christmas with additional blessings with your cards, gifts, goodies, and invitations to feed me and include me in your family gatherings when you found out I would be alone. Your kindness and thoughtfulness warmed my heart and soul.  ~ Pastor Karen
  • Thank you so much for the blessings and treats! Your kindness is greatly appreciated! God bless each of you! ~ With Gratitude, Moravian Falls Elementary 
  • Hello Everyone, Hope all is well. Miss all of you. ~ Love in Christ
  • Hand In Hand Ministry, I wanted to let you know how excited my granddaughter, was to receive the Hand in Hand Halloween treat in Kindergarten this year at Moravian Falls.  The bags were so cute!  I hope to be available to help on projects like this in the future.  Thanks again for all you are doing to guide this ministry.  Blessings
  • ...Hand In Hand ministry...about the paper drive for our teachers.  WOW!  They will be beyond THRILLED to receive all of this paper next week [week of 10/19]!  We sure have been making the copies lately with all of this remote learning!!  This year, the paper need is bigger than ever! I can't possibly express in this email how much the kindness that your church shows our school is appreciated.  I do want you all to know that your church is the BACKBONE of our school.  I can't imagine how we would have to scrape and scrounge for things that are now provided by you guys.  Our staff feels your prayers, love and support and we genuinely love each of you and are greatly indebted to you for the kindnesses that are shown to us. THANK YOU AGAIN! The paper will be put to immediate use!!!! ~ MFES 
  • Dear Church Family: Thank you for your prayers, texts, emails, and cards during my recent emergency surgery. Blessings to you all. ~ WUMC member
  • If you are driving by MFES today [10/21/20], you may see dancing in the parking lot! They are so appreciative! 23 individuals and groups donated soon enough so that the paper drive ended two weeks early and the paper is being delivered TODAY! Thank you for your generous and quick support of this project.
  • Thank you for your donation.  We appreciate you being a part of the team feeding the hungry in Wilkes.  Your donation...will help provide much needed food for many individuals in our county who are food insecure…. Each week, SKW provides food for approximately 785 children through Project Backpack as well as over 3000 individuals monthly through the Client Choice Pantry... Again thank you for your support. ... ~ Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc.
  • It has been a wild week ... the Blessing Cart is going around today and will again tomorrow due to the plethora of food you all sent in!  THANK YOU!!!!  ...this means so much to the staff!  They so needed this and are so appreciative.  The blessing jar is beyond a hit!  All the teachers are talking about what they pulled out and how much each piece of paper spoke to them.  Please share with Hand In Hand Ministry that this is such a blessing to the staff [of Moravian Falls Elementary School] and we appreciate ALL that you all do!
  • Dear friends, Thank you so much for the calls, notes and words of love from my church family.  I am at Rose Glen healthy and happy and working with physical therapy to improve my balance.  I miss you all. Love to you
  • Pastor Karen & Staff, Hope everyone is safe & happy! Take care of yourselves and hopefully we will see each other in a near future. ~ Love in Christ
  • Thank you for your generous donation to Wilkes Circles of Care. Your kindness will help us continue our fight against poverty through education and resources for families in our program.
  • Thank you so much for the nice masks! Yours in Christ
  • To thank you for who you are and what you do, for your willingness to host the Appalachian District UMW Annual Celebration.  A gift to mission has been given in your honor through United Methodist Women.
  • We miss everyone. Love & Prayers
  • Have a blessed day!
  • Thank you to a specific church member couple for delivering our mail daily since we‘ve been homebound. Thank you to another church member for driving me to my doctor appointment in Boone. We appreciate everything everybody does, all the good people doing good things in our church. Thank you from Husband & Wife church members
  • Thank You God Bless You!
  • Dear Pastor Karen, ...I appreciate the participation, the strategic direction, and the plan for growth and inclusion of The Transformation Journey. With endless gratitude for how you have touched my sister...and bring the community to Christ.
  • Many thanks for the two Upper Room Devotionals you sent last month. God Bless!
  • Hoping we get back together soon. I miss everyone. ~ Love in Christ
  • Hoping everyone is well and feeling blessed although we can’t meet together!
  • Thanks to Karen and Jim for the wonderful Sunday services. Blessings to all. Thank you Regina and Glenda for all you do.
  • To my loving church family, Thank you for all the cards, prayers, and loving support that you sent to our family after the death of my husband's dad in June. It meant a lot to our family. God’s blessing to you all!
  • Karen, Thank you for “church” via social media each week and for daily thought provoking online messages! 
  • Thanks so much for your generous gift of cloth facemasks! What a wonderful ministry! This ministry is truly blessing others during the covid-19 pandemic. 
  • Thank you for everything you do!
  • Thank you for all you do to keep us going.
  • I would like to thank everyone who came out to donate blood [06/15/20].  We had a very successful Drive.  Our goal was 55 units and 64 were collected. A special thanks to 4 UMW members assisting in the canteen (and checking temperatures for the first time this year). Also thanks to United Methodist Men for donating drinks and United Methodist Women for donating packaged snacks.
  • Hope you are doing well. In these challenging times, it is good to know that we can cast our cares on the Lord and He will sustain us. Psalm 55:22 ~ Blessings
  • Hope to see all pretty soon! Stay safe.
  • Dear Sewing Bee of WUMC,  We...would like to express our sincere gratitude for the donation of masks. We appreciate your dedication and talents. You help our staff continue to provide safe care. Thank you.
  • Thanks for the sermons. I am enjoying them very much.
  • I would like to say thank you to all the people that were concerned about my health and my foot sending cards and calling me. Thank you church family!
  • Karen, From FL, we appreciate you and all you do. Your letting us know about the word 'pursue' in "surely goodness and mercy shall pursue me in all the days of my life" was especially meaningful.
  • WUMC – Karen and Jim,Thank you for bringing me peace and joy through your daily messages and Sunday church services. It is so nice to be able to listen online during this stay at home time. Blessings to you!
  • Thanks for sending the Upper Room Devotional. Miss you!
  • Thank you for your donation of making the masks.
  • WUMC Sewing Bee members,  Only wish you really knew, how many thanks this brings to you!  Your contribution of face masks is greatly appreciated!
  • Thanks to all—for work and Prayers. ~ Peace
  • Dear Friends and Family of WUMC:  Once again, ...THANK everyone who has been so gracious with your time, concern, phone calls, cards and prayers....  Your thoughtfulness is SO appreciated and they are each received with love and joy!!! I am so glad to be a part of WUMC family!! Be healthy and safe!  God bless!!!
  • Dear Pastor Karen, My sister sent me a copy of your recent sermon and a lovely note you sent her...  You have been there for my sister...she’s feeling better..., now comforting and cheering others.  That’s how love goes around and round.  Thank you for your ministry and your personal kindness.
  • Hi Pastor Karen, Thank you so much for your sweet note.… you’re right about the hugs.  That’s the one thing that’s the hardest to deal with.  Another thank you for sending copies of your sermons and thoughts.  They are soothing for the soul. ~ Take Care
  • Thank you so much for the beautiful masks!
  • Dear WUMC/Sewing Bee, ...thanks to you for the masks. Please let us bake your group some cookies :) Love...
  • Dear friends from the Sewing Bee, Thank you so much for all you do for our church and our community….people in need of masks and you donated them. They/we wanted to pay it back a little. We really appreciate all your work. 
  • Thank you so much for the mask. Many people appreciate your sewing ministry. 
  • With Many Thanks—Thank you so much for making the face masks. We appreciate your kindness and your talents.  In Christian Love...
  • To Sewing Bee Group, Please accept this check for the work you are doing to help protect our community.
  • Dear Friends,  Thank you so much for the wonderful masks your group made and donated them... I so very appreciative. Strange times we are living in!  With Gratitude…
  • Sewing Bee, Thank you so much for making these masks for our community… 
  • Dear Hand In Hand Ministry, sending sincere gratitude to ...the Hand in Hand ministry team for your thoughtful and generous Teacher/Staff Appreciation gift in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week… "Moravian Falls Grill" gift card as times like these, it's a joy to help our local businesses/restaurants.  So, you all scored a "win/win" with your kind gift…GREATLY appreciate "everything" that the Hand in Hand Team does for our school and our staff all through the school year.  Each of you are a tremendous blessing, and I pray God rewards you for your servants' hearts.  Please to continue to pray for our school, our staff and our students as we prepare for what a "new normal" will be like at MFES and all of our county schools.  An e-mail hug to each of you ☺❤
  • Dear Hand in Hand Ministry, Thank you all so much for EVERYTHING you do for MFES, the students, and the teachers.  We are truly beyond blessed with all your gifts, time, and prayers.  The gift card was such a sweet surprise today when I dropped by the school, thank you!  Please know we hope all of you are safe and well!  Please continue to pray for our students and staff as they adjust to a new normal.
  • Miss everyone! Thanks Karen & Jim for being able to still feel connected. I really appreciate hearing the sermon and the music.
  • Hope everyone on staff and their families are doing well. Thanks for all the things you guys are doing to keep us connected and able to share in services.  Have a blessed day and stay safe!
  • God bless all of you for everything you are doing for so many! Stay well!
  • To All: I am so grateful for the church--the weekly sermons, messages, music, and Jim’s singing are all very powerful at this time.
  • Thanks for all you are doing.  Take care and stay safe. Praying for our church and its numbers. 
  • Hope you are all adjusting well to this social distancing lifestyle. “I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster is passed.” Psalm 57:1 *Take care & God Bless 
  • Thanks for all you are doing. Stay well.
  • Thank you for going to the trouble to help us less computer literate folk easily find the site.  Wonderful sermon and singing.  Thank you again.  The feeling is there even though we’re not there in person. 
  • Do not overeat on the news of world, regional, local events. Indulge in the Word of God for proper nourishment. 
  • ‘Lord, lead me to the ones I need and, to the ones who need me.’
  • Heavenly Father, in whatever roles we serve within the church, may we serve in love so that your love might overflow through us. 
  • Heavenly Father, thank you for the many talents you have given us. Please help us to use them in ways that will enrich the lives of others. 
  • Please kind and gracious God, help me today be your hands and feet to others. Amen.
  • Listen to I Will Fear No More by The Afters. That song says it all! Thank you God for being with us and protecting us!
  • Praise the Lord for singing that specific song YouTube and Facebook post 3/24!!!! And the rest of your message is excellent too ;)
  • “I think that when the dust settles we will realize how very little we really need, how much we actually have and the true value of human connection.” ~ Facebook post by “Something Different”


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